Making Telemedicine About Medicine Again

The solo practitioner and small practice today need to be masters of both
Healthcare and the systems that they inherit when joining larger hospital systems.
Software Health Systems are one of the ways that tries to achieve
Healthcare’s triple aim of: Access to Care, Cost, and Outcomes.


Our Mission

We built ZEBOC to be the simplest way you can do telemedicine that integrates seamlessly into your in-clinic practice. Telemedicine is going to be an important part of health delivery and we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t seen as a separate part of your practice that you had to create workflows around.

We also recognize that patients who are most likely to benefit the most from Telemedicine right now are not necessarily the most tech-savvy. This is why Zeboc runs entirely on a browser, using gestures and metaphors that most people intuitively get.

We’re obsessed with the idea of user-focused simplicity, and would love to hear from you vis-a-vis your experience. If you’d like to be part of our advisory panel, please let us know at

Making Telemedicine About Medicine Again

This is a big goal, and we know we won’t get it right out of the gates. So we decided on these pillars to make sure that the two most important people in medical care are back in the center of the discussion: The Doctor and The Patient.

no_ fees

Free with no subscription fees. Everyone's a premium user

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to providing quality care. Therefore, we offer all teleconsulting features for free. We make money from online transactions -- half of one percent of the transaction fee, when your patient pays you using integrated Stripe payments.


We built it for doctors and patients, not IT departments

If you have a PC / tablet / smartphone with a webcam and microphone, and an internet connection you can use ZEBOC. From signup to your first Teleconsultation call typically takes just over a minute.


You're not the product:

Our solution is HIPAA-compliant and we're not data aggregators. We don't sell your data or your patients' data. We make money via online transactions.


We work for you, that means our features should work for you:

We only work on features that improve outcomes, whether that's reducing doctor burnout or (our current next feature) improved chronic care. One of the doctors on our panel mentioned a bundled hot tub would be helpful, but we're not too sure about that one.

Meet Team ZEBOC

Engineering: We built ZEBOC

User Experience: We make sure you like using ZEBOC

Leadership: We couldn’t have brought our idea to life without the guys above.

In the crowded virtual care market, we saw a gap caused by small practices underserved by a space full of enterprise solutions. The current telehealth systems designed for enterprises have too many features and are expensive. So, small practices are priced out; to empower them we opted for a free business model.

Jigar Shah, CEO

Forcing doctors to adapt to enterprise-grade systems and processes is making doctors want to stop being doctors, and we can't have that. We built ZEBOC to get out of the way and let doctors do what they do best.

Jose Estrella, CTO

Technological hurdles have exacerbated burnout among doctors. Many doctors closed their practices due to this, resulting in a shortage of doctors. ZEBOC is aimed at addressing that.

Amol Londhe, Chief Product Officer

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