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Telepsychiatry is becoming increasingly popular as it can offer mental health patients with many benefits including convenience, affordability and confidentiality. Telemedicine allows for care to be provided via an interactive telecommunication medium with a licensed/certified professional from any location in the world. 

Here are some of the advantages of video-based telepsychiatry within the mental health care setting:

#1 Improves access to care

There is a chronic shortage of mental health care providers in the rural areas. Residents of rural areas are often less likely to recognize an illness and also need to travel long distances in order to receive services.

As a psychiatrist, you can use a telemedicine solution to deliver mental health specialty care that might not otherwise be available in rural areas.

#2 Reduces delays in care

A telemedicine solution reduces potential transportation barriers for your patients and thus reduces delays in care. No matter where they live, how far from your clinic, the need for long drives is eliminated.

So, now your patients can get almost immediate care anywhere, anytime via any device. 

#3 Helps integrate care services

Telemedicine facilitates rapid access to mental health specialists via primary care leading to better treatment outcomes  with less taboo involved. Thus, telemedicine allows you to integrate your behavioral health care practice with a primary care provider’s practice and ensure improved quality of care with proactive mental health management.

#4 Reduces emergency room trips

Telemedicine not just reduces the need for trips to the emergency room for your patients but also reduces their wait times in the emergency room. As telemedicine provides an effective way to deliver psychiatric consultation in real-time, it can be a panacea to the ever increasing number of patients requiring behavioral health treatment.

#5 Brings care to patient’s location

With a telemedicine solution you can deliver care to your patient’s location. Not only will it eliminate their hassles of travel to access appointments, but also reduce their need for time off work, childcare services, etc. Wouldn’t your patients love this? Happy patients are more likely to continue to seek your services and comprise your loyal customer base.

#6 Improves continuity of care 

As telemedicine allows you to constantly track your patient’s symptoms and progress, and at the same time ensures your round-the-clock availability. This in turn keeps the continuity of care going and also improves the follow-up process.

#7 Reduces the barrier of stigma

Although human kind has made a lot of progress, a large section of society still fails to recognize the importance of mental health and are also unable to accept mental illness as common.

Telemedicine with its real-time and secure care delivery helps patients get access to quality care while maintaining their confidentiality.


Wrapping up

Mental health care to a great extent is all about effective communication and establishing trust with your patient. Telepsychiatry, providing treatment over video conferencing, helps you communicate with the patient and deliver care in an effective manner.

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If you’re already using telepsychiatry, please share your experience with our readers by leaving your comments below.