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As a General Practitioner (GP), you might be aware of today’s growing need to invest in solutions that improve the patient experience. As more and more patients embrace telemedicine to access health services, you must create strategies that ensure improved healthcare delivery at reduced costs. According to a telehealth survey conducted in January 2021, 78% of patients are satisfied with virtual health care. Telemedicine solutions not just allow you to satisfy increasing patient demands but also help profitably sustain your practice.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that a telemedicine solution brings to your practice and helps make your practice profitable and sustainable.

Improves practice revenue

If you haven’t integrated a telemedicine solution into your practice yet, you need to pay heed to these stats below.

The global telemedicine market was valued at 50 billion USD in 2019 and it is projected to be valued at 460 billion USD by 2030. In the US alone the telemedicine market is estimated to grow upto 35 billion USD by 2025.

So, you know now why it’s important for your practice to have a telemedicine solution and how it can help you add a profitable revenue stream.

Optimizes practice efficiency

A telemedicine solution offers many features that can help enhance the efficiency of your practice. These include online appointment booking, virtual waiting rooms, video consultations, and more.

Moreover, ZEBOC® offers a state-of-the art feature called automatic transcription which records your conversation with your patients in real time. This not just spares your focus to have meaningful interactions with your patients but also saves time and cost on administrative paperwork.

Thus, you can have productive telemedicine sessions and also save time and costs on administrative paperwork.

Reduces staffing costs

For in-person visits to your clinic, the presence of a nurse is required to take vital signs and record patient information. Whereas, for video consultations these tasks can be performed by relatively inexpensive technologies.

The good part is that these readings are not only taken automatically but also more accurately and efficiently.

Expands patient pool

A telemedicine solution also allows you to expand the specialities of your practice. For example, you can have collaboration with mental health experts, pediatricians, dermatologists, etc.

With telemedicine, providers can deliver consultations from any location and therefore, your patients can have access to many specialities by just associating with your practice.

This would not just set your practice apart from competitors but also expand your patient as well as revenue base.

Increases patient convenience

Telemedicine offers some real benefits to your patients as well; no wonder survey results state that patients appreciate online care. Access to video consultations save them enormous time, especially for patients living in rural areas with limited access to quality healthcare nearby.

Telemedicine also saves time, long waiting hours at the clinics and also the possibility of getting exposed to various illnesses while sitting in their doctor’s waiting rooms.

Wrapping up

As patients look for the best practitioners, regardless of where they are, it’s upon you to leverage telemedicine capabilities for the benefit of your patients and your practice as well.

Choosing the right telemedicine solution would also play a vital role in helping you effectively meet the needs of your practice and in turn making it profitable.